33-Day Book Writing Bootcamp

with Elizabeth Lyons

Stop Overthinking. Start Writing. 



Do you get motivated to start writing…but get stopped by all the what-ifs and how-tos?

Do you believe you simply “don’t have time” to write the book you dream of writing?

It’s not your fault…book writing is complicated!


(Except…it isn’t.)


Hi There! I'm Elizabeth...

I'm a 5X bestselling author, and my passion is helping others silence the noise, simplify the process, and get their books written so they can impact others!


What Makes This Bootcamp Different?

When you enroll in my 33-Day Book Writing Bootcamp, you will:

Establish A Solid Foundation

Develop a solid foundation from which to write. By getting complete clarity on your WHY, you’ll be positioned to write the incredible book that only you can write!

Clarify Your Mission

Strengthen your belief in yourself and the value of your message or story–-regardless of whether or not you have a fancy writing degree, successful blog or single publishing credit.

Shift Your Mindset

Receive actionable tools to shift your mindset from one where you worry about whether anyone will want to read your book to one where you’re confident and excited to tell your story or share your message.

Structure the Book (Properly)

Utilize my fool-proof outlining process for fiction, non fiction or memoir so you can stop feeling overwhelmed and start writing!

Get Rid of Procrastination

Silence the causes of procrastination that are keeping you from reaching your goal.

Provide Community

Be welcomed into an engaged and supportive accountability crew here to answer any questions you have and support you through any hiccup you may encounter.

How It Works

The 33-Day Book Writing Bootcamp is a 100% online, at-your-pace, guided program with ongoing enrollment. (There is no official bootcamp “start date” — I’ve found that having participants at different points in their journey is incredibly beneficial in terms of both providing and receiving support.)

You will have access to each day’s content in our members-only portal so you can watch (or re-watch) at your convenience.

"I wrote my 19th book at Elizabeth Lyons' suggestion (she's the BEST editor I have worked with) in one of her bootcamps. I wrote what was probably the hardest book of my life in just 4 weeks, and it ended up being 80,000 words long. "

Joanne Martin
Author of 18+ Books

Elizabeth's Books

"Without Elizabeth's bootcamp, I would not have been as motivated or written as much as I did in the last 33 days,. The accountability and friendship I found within the group made all the difference."

Marianne Hansen
Author of 2 Novels

Enroll Now!

Participants have lifetime access to the bootcamp and the mastermind community, including all yet-to-be-released content and bonuses.



Daily trainings 

Exclusive bonus resources

Clearing roadblocks, untying “nots” and creating long-lasting mindset shifts

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Frequently Asked Questions

It’s recommended that participants carve out 30-60 minutes per day for 33 days in order to successfully complete the bootcamp with a finished manuscript. If you’re having trouble figuring out how to carve out 30-60 minutes, I can almost guarantee I can help you.

We’ve had moms (including both new and homeschooling moms), full-time employees and my-schedule-is-packed-from-dawn-until-dusk participants. I’ve guided them through their time (mis)beliefs, and I’m confident I can guide you through yours as well!

Mark my words: I will continue to encourage you to compete ONLY with yourself through this bootcamp (and afterward). You will likely be behind someone at some point in the challenge. The most important point on which to focus is that you are ahead (usually, wildly ahead) of where you would have been had you not signed up!

You don’t succeed in the bootcamp by beating everyone else. This is not the Chicago Marathon. You succeed by allowing the resource to provide you with the motivation and accountability you need to get your book written while understanding an moving past the blocks that will inevitably present themselves.

I need bootcampers to be willing to commit 30-60 minutes per day because, unfortunately, books do not write themselves. However, they are not nearly as difficult to write as we initially believe!

I have yet to meet a potential participant with a time concern that we couldn’t solve. It’s important to be gentle with yourself while being honest with regard to your declaration that there is NO WAY you can carve out 30-60 minutes each day for 33 days. I promise, there is.

My approach keeps you moving forward even if you miss a day, begin to feel behind, start panicking, or outright want to quit. No one quits. That’s the rule. 🙂


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